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    • What makes a criminal? Gene trawl raises questions
      Scientists in Europe and the United States on Tuesday fingered two genes which in a mutated form are found in a "substantially higher frequency" in violent offenders. A study of nearly 800 Finns jailed for both violent and non-violent crimes, and com…
      - 2 days ago, 28 Oct 14, 3:32pm -
    • Gene link to seizures in children after MMR vaccine
      Scientists in Denmark said Sunday they had found genetic clues to explain why a small number of children have febrile seizures -- brief convulsions -- after receiving the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. They stressed there was no need to sc…
      - 4 days ago, 26 Oct 14, 8:06pm -
    • Scotland Yard requests new genetic tests in McCann case
      Lisbon (AFP) - Scotland Yard has asked for new genetic tests to be carried out in their hunt for the missing British girl Madeleine McCann, the head of a Portuguese medical investigation unit said Wednesday.
      - 15 days ago, 15 Oct 14, 5:46pm -
    • Embryonic stem cells clear key hurdle in eye trial
      Paris (AFP) - Embryonic stem cells transplanted into 18 patients with deteriorating eyesight restored some vision in more than half the volunteers, the longest study into the fledgling technology reported Tuesday.
      - 16 days ago, 14 Oct 14, 11:55pm -
    • Stem cells from human embryos prove safe, improve vision -study
      By Sharon Begley NEW YORK (Reuters) - The longest-running trial of stem cells derived from a human embryo found that the cells caused patients none of the problems scientists feared, such as forming tumors, and reversed partial blindness in about hal…
      - 16 days ago, 14 Oct 14, 11:04pm -
    • Medical, biotech stocks jump after U.S. nurse contracts Ebola
      By Yasmeen Abutaleb NEW YORK (Reuters) - Shares of little-known medical equipment and biotech companies jumped on Wall Street on Monday, after news that a nurse had become the first person to contract the deadly Ebola virus in the United States. Airl…
      - 17 days ago, 13 Oct 14, 10:52pm -
    • Love of coffee at least partly genetic: study
      By Kathryn Doyle NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Need that cup of joe to get going in the morning? Or avoid it because java tends to make you strung out? Either way, the reasons may be written in your genes. A new analysis of tens of thousands of human g…
      - 20 days ago, 10 Oct 14, 3:12pm -
    • Stada secures third license for copycat biotech drug: CEO
      By Frank Siebelt and Ludwig Burger BAD VILBEL Germany (Reuters) - Germany's Stada plans to bring a copy of Eli Lilly's Forteo osteoporosis treatment to market, its chief executive said, as the generic drugmaker moves further into the sale of cheaper…
      - 20 days ago, 10 Oct 14, 12:24pm -
    • Highways fragment Southern California mountain lion gene pool
      By Steve Gorman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Mountain lions in Southern California are under growing pressure from a shrinking gene pool, fragmented by highways and urban sprawl that has left the cats' territories increasingly isolated from each other, a…
      - 22 days ago, 8 Oct 14, 11:00pm -
    • New gene therapy treatment showing promise against 'bubble boy' disease
      By Gene Emery NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - More than a decade ago, doctors showed dramatic progress in helping infants born with a severe deficiency in their immune systems, a condition known as "bubble boy" disease. But when one quarter of treated ch…
      - 22 days ago, 8 Oct 14, 9:08pm -

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    • Weekly Roundup – 10.24.14
      Autumn is well upon us.  Nature is showing us how diverse her color palette really is and it is always important to take some time and stop and enjoy it — sometimes hard to do when the demands of world … Continue reading →
      - 6 days ago, 24 Oct 14, 1:59pm -
    • Healthcare and the Election – Stateside Ballot Initiatives
      We are days away from the mid-term elections. Don’t worry, this isn’t another piece to read about how the Senate could hang in the balance for weeks; or how one party or another might retain or take control of any … Continue reading →
      - 9 days ago, 21 Oct 14, 3:12pm -
    • Weekly Roundup – 10.17.14
      Missed last week and sorry about that and this week’s roundup is a day late.  It has been a busy Fall and even yesterday was a travel day.  I can barely keep up with how quickly the year is passing. … Continue reading →
      - 12 days ago, 18 Oct 14, 3:26pm -
    • AdComms for Last Quarter of 2014
      It is hard to believe it, but we have entered the final quarter of 2014.  I thought it a good time to revisit the upcoming AdComm schedule for those AdComm meetings that affect drugs or devices. Prior postings that provided … Continue reading →
      - 15 days ago, 15 Oct 14, 9:56am -
    • Weekly Roundup 10.3.14
      Back from a brief vacay to discover that leaves are littering the yard and porch as if it were autumn and then realizing that it is, in fact, autumn.  The year is going by so quickly and there is so … Continue reading →
      - 27 days ago, 3 Oct 14, 2:50pm -
    • Less Characters, More Tweets – A Few Tweeting Tips
      It is hard to believe that a service that limits your speech to 140 characters would emerge as an important media platform, but it has.  News travels more quickly, is more granular in nature, can very specific to highly targeted … Continue reading…
      - 28 days ago, 2 Oct 14, 1:49pm -
    • Weekly Roundup 9.26.14
      I bring you the Weekly Roundup today from Cape Cod where there is a lovely sense of autumn in the air, but blue skies and lovely shoreline allowing us to still remember the summer’s most pleasant days. And here is … Continue reading →
      - 34 days ago, 26 Sep 14, 3:13pm -
    • Here Comes the Sun – Communications Tips on The Sunshine Data Publication
      The Sunshine Act will peek out from behind some, but not all, of the clouds on the horizon soon, leading to a new day in transparency on payments between the medical products industry and those who provide care.  Data will … Continue reading →
      - 38 days ago, 22 Sep 14, 1:22pm -
    • Weekly Roundup 9.19.14
      Argh!  It is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Fear not Matey!  I’m not gonna write my whole posting in pirate-speak, though it be a tempting morsel to ponder. There were lots of approvals this week and finally a wee … Continue reading →
      - 41 days ago, 19 Sep 14, 2:32pm -
    • Talking Points for When People Who Don’t Get Social Media as a News Platform
      Someone asked me the other day something to the effect of this – what is the point of social media when it comes to news – isn’t CNN just as fast? It occurred to me that many of us in … Continue reading →
      - 43 days ago, 17 Sep 14, 3:03pm -